The most important characteristic about this ham holder is its adaptability to the needs of a ham slicer. It can adapt itself to your needs. You will be able to slice a whole ham at high speed, in utmost body comfort. 
It is designed to host both hams and shoulders. Longer hams and shorter hams. It can get shorter or longer, depending on your needs. 
Made in stainless steel and aluminium. The total weight is about 6 kg. Can be placed also on slippery surfaces, as at the bottom of the base there are 6 gummy anti slippery disks. 
There is no part of it that can harm the ham; it means the ham is just positioned on it and the ham holder will leave no trace of it on the skin of the ham, or even worse on the muscles or fat of it. 
The central part is made of an aluminium arch allowing to position the ham either at its maximum height or to its minimum, allowing the slicer to work in a comfortable position and therewise obtain the maximum result from the slicing. 
This is the one of the fewest ham holders on the market apt to lodge a ham with or without the leg. 

TakTisch Table

To show how much functional can be this ham holder, just imagine you can fix it onto a table, like this one, for indoor or outdoor use, without its own base. If you run a Restauranat, or Osteria where where you generally serve your hand-sliced ham in front of your customer, you could think of a similar solution, using a stainless trolley and placing the FLEX 15 ham holder on it, without its own base, just using 4 bolts to fix it on the table. For more information you could contact