We are distributors of Jamon Iberico, which we select from the Extremadura region, renowned for the quality of the acorns and therefore for the aromaticity of its hams.


We distribute Iberian hams coming from the region of Estremadura. With no preservatives, usually 42 months of aging; very good relation between price and quality. They can be sold on the whole, with bone or deboned and cut into 4 pieces and vacuum sealed.

We distribute Iberian Hams, sourced from the spanish region of Estremadura, reknown thanks to the sweetness of its acorns. Our hams can boast the total absence of preservatives, or sugar. 

We can offer different qualities: 
  • white labeled hams: means pigs have been raised in stables feeded on mash and their blood is 50% iberian and 50% Duroc;
  • green labelled hams: pigs have been raised outdoor feeded on pastures and their blood can be from 50% to 75% Iberian; 
  • red labelled hams: pigs raised outdoor and fed on acorns, usually 75% iberian ham;
  • black labelled hams: 100% iberian blood raised outdoor and fed on acorns.  
The presence of the acorn in the diet can be seen from the great oiliness of the leg, simply by pressing with the fingers to release the unsaturated fatty acids.