The best quality at the best prices. Different types for professional use

We distribute the best professional ham holders on the market: designed by skilled engineer, functional, light and stable they are the trustworthy companion of your hand carving job. Made of steel, it can be disassembled to fit into a case and be carried around. They can surely be used in shops, restaurants or in open air events


A Spanish design ham holder, made of steel and aluminium, with a rectangular base with no slip rubber disks underneath. Rotatory and swinging it helps to move the ham in every direction according to your needs. You won’t need to bow your back anymore: it just takes to adjust the handle to fix your ham holder in the most comfortable position. You can use it to carve hams with or without foot like Iberico, San Daniele, or Parma hams. Or even “paletas” that is shoulders.

If you need to carry it away with you it can be disassembled and fit into its practical case


It represents the up to date version of Flex 15 model, the same functionality, endowed with an even more appealing design and even lighter in weight. It can host hams with leg like San Daniele, Jamon Iberico or Serrano as well as hams without leg, just like Parma ham, Modena Ham or Carpegna ham. It is made of chromed steel, scratches and strike-resistant. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning. It allows a rotatory movement around its axis as well a rotatory movement around the ham’s axis. The most functional and comfortable ham holder ever. The 2 arches are swinging, moving the ham or “paleta” (shoulder) up and down to better fit the demands of the carver. This way the operator won’t need to bow its back anymore to carve the ham.  He/she will be working in an upright position all the time, with major benefit for his/her back. Finally it is equipped with just one handle to fix and unfix all these movements. 

TakTisch Table

To show how much functional can be this ham holder, just imagine you can fix it onto a table, like this one, for indoor or outdoor use, without its own base. If you run a Restaurant, or Osteria where you generally serve your hand-sliced ham in front of your customer, you could think of a similar solution, using a stainless trolley and placing the FLEX 15 ham holder on it, without its own base, just using 4 bolts to fix it on the table. For more information you could contact


Cheapest version of ham holders. Smallest but stable, rotatory and swinging. It can host both hams with or wihout foot, and shoulders or “paletas” to boot. Using one single handle you can fix the position