Long-time experience

The art of hand ham slicing can be learnt following a master slicer, such as we are; it must be practised for months, following what has been learnt during the training course. It takes long time to master the tecnique and become a professional hand slicer; but why slicing by hand today? it seems something of the past. Today there are slicing machine. It is true, but when a high quality ham is sliced by hand, its bouquet of flavours and aromas gets on your palate leaving your senses overwhelmed by it. The life and food eaten by an outdoor living creature, this case a pork, can be perceived by our senses (nose, palate) in its completeness. This is why a slice of ham cut with a knife, thin elegant and perfect in its geometry, can convey a whole world of vibrant and unfogettable sensations. 



We organize hand slicing courses both for private people and for companies employees. We can use either italian hams, like San Daniele DOP, Parma DOP, Prosciutto di Modena DOP, or even italian black pig races. 
Or we can train on spanish hams, such as Serrano or Iberico hams. It is up to our clients. 
We are going to use up-to-date ham holders (Flex 15) and professsional knives, 
What is cut during the training will be left to the participants. 
I am gonna teach according to the spanish school, where I learnt the technique.


The training can be held in a laboratory north of Verona, or at our client’s place. 

We can both nationally and internationally.

Usually a course lasts for a whole day, with a break around midday. In fact it takes a whole ham (a whole day) to apprehend the basics. 

During the course we are going to teach the varieties among knives and what knife should be used in what circumstances; how to clean a ham before starting to slice it; how to maintain it during the day trying to avoid  it to grow mould or to get dry; how to use your body in order not to get tired or get pain in your wrist or hands by overwork; how to place elegantly the slices on a plate (if you work in a restaurant) or on a plate (if you work in a shop). 

At the end of the session each participant will get a presence report. 

Boning and manual binding

We can also teach how to debone a whole ham on the bone: this course usually takes half a day. Once deboned, the ham will be fastened all around, to get whole slices out of it, when sliced on the slicing machine. For more information please get in touch with me.